The Motherhood Space

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Welcome to The Motherhood Space, a comforting companion amidst the beautiful chaos of modern motherhood. With a blend of genuine advice, heartfelt wisdom, and intimate narratives, this book is your gentle guide through the highs and lows of this extraordinary season in your life.

Within these pages, Gabrielle Nancarrow, a doula and mother of three, generously shares her own motherhood journey. Alongside her personal reflections, you'll find candid interviews with mothers from around the world, including biglittlethings owner & curator; Yanika.
Who have all bravely offered their deeply honest and tender stories. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll empathize with their experiences.

The Motherhood Space is so much more than just a book; it's a trusted companion that you'll turn to time and time again as you navigate the various phases of your parenting journey. Whether you're grappling with shifts in identity and relationships, feelings of isolation, sleepless nights, feeding challenges, or planning your return to work, the stories within these pages will walk alongside you through each milestone. They'll remind you that you're not alone in this beautiful, yet sometimes overwhelming, journey of motherhood.

In a world where community and support can be elusive, The Motherhood Space is your gentle friend. It offers solace and understanding when you need it most.

If you've enjoyed Gabrielle's first book, The Birth Space, you'll find The Motherhood Space to be the perfect follow-up, delving even deeper into the realities of modern mothering.

As Lael Stone, a speaker, educator, and author, aptly puts it, "The Motherhood Space is a beautiful dive into the depths and realities of modern-day mothering. Gabrielle weaves stories and wisdom together to create a place for women to land that speaks of the complexities and beauty of parenting. You won't feel alone reading this book." It's a warm embrace in book form, waiting for you to explore.


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