our biglittle story.


Hi, I’m Yanika, the founder of biglittlegifting.

You could say gifting is my love language.
I just love seeing someone’s face light up when they receive a gift they truly love.
Something that perfectly reflects their style and personality. Something with purpose that brightens their day.

I started this business because I wanted more people to experience that.  

I launched our sister store, biglittlethings, in 2019. Since then, I’ve seen the popularity of our gift boxes grow and grow.

In 2023, figured it was time to expand and offer gifts for all the big and little moments in life.

And so, biglittlegifting was born – a place where good people with great taste can choose beautiful gifts for the people they value and love. My hope is to create a beautiful experience not only for the lucky receiver of your gifts but also for you the gifter.

I'm so happy you're here & I can't wait to welcome you into the biglittlegifting world & send out all these beautiful gifts for the biglittlemoments in yours & your loved ones life.