the hot chocolate kit.

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Introducing "The Chai Kit" curated gift box - a heartwarming ensemble of items to immerse you in the cozy world of chai. We've blended together the perfect ingredients to make your chai moments truly comforting and delightful.

why we love it.

it's all about savoring the moments of comfort and joy. We believe that a cup of hot chocolate has the power to create a cocoon of warmth and happiness.

why they'll love it.

it's a little box of hot chocolate magic, thoughtfully curated to elevate your hot cocoa experience. It's a reminder to pause, savor the flavors, and create a space for relaxation and indulgence.

First up, we have the Fazeek Wave Set of Two Glass Mugs - a stylish duo that's perfect for cradling and sipping your steaming hot chocolate, allowing you to fully embrace the soothing experience.

Next, we've included Mayde Tea Drinking Chocolate - a velvety blend that transforms into a luxurious and indulgent cup of hot cocoa. The decadent flavors will take your taste buds on a delightful journey.

To add a sprinkle of whimsy and extra depth of flavor, we've included Mayde Tea Chocolate Dust. A playful touch that will enhance the aroma and visual appeal of your hot chocolate, making it a treat for both your senses and your soul.

Whether you're gifting it to someone special or treating yourself, "The Hot Chocolate Kit" is the perfect way to infuse warmth and delight into your winter days. So go ahead, brew, sip, and embrace the comforting joy of hot chocolate with this delightful gift box. Cheers to cozy cocoa moments!

What is included...

  • Two Fazeek wave mugs | set of two on a white background.
  • drinking chocolate
  • chocolate dust