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Introducing the "Self Care Rituals" curated gift box - a delightful collection of items to create moments of tranquility and pampering. We've carefully selected these products to inspire self-care and add a touch of luxury to your or your loved one's routine.

why we love it.

it's all about promoting self-love and cherishing the moments of relaxation. We believe that taking care of yourself is essential for overall well-being.

Whether you're gifting it to someone special or treating yourself, the "Self Care Rituals" gift box is the perfect way to show love and appreciation to yourself or a loved one. So go ahead, pamper yourself, create rituals of self-care, and embrace moments of relaxation with this delightful gift box. They deserve it!

why they'll love it.

it's a little box of self-care and indulgence, thoughtfully curated to bring a sense of calm and luxury to their daily routine. It's a reminder to take time for themselves, to pamper, and to embrace moments of tranquility.

First up, we have the Marmoset Found Cloud Vase - a beautiful piece to display their favorite flowers and bring a little bit of nature into their home. Its unique design evokes a sense of serenity, adding a calming touch to any space.

Next, we've included the Base Camp Beauty Crescent Comb - a luxurious comb crafted from sustainable materials, perfect for pampering their hair and embracing moments of self-care.

For silky-soft skin, we've added the Addition Studio Hand & Body Moisturiser - a nourishing blend of oils and botanicals that will leave their skin feeling hydrated and rejuvenated.

For an extra treat, we've included Bare Self Her Chocolate - a decadent and indulgent treat to savor and brighten their day.

And finally, we have a Silk Eye Mask - a luxurious accessory that will help them enjoy a peaceful and restful sleep, allowing them to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

What is included...

  • An all-natural Addition Studio hand & body moisturiser with a black pump on a white background.
  • A pink Bare Self chocolate bar, named "Her Chocolate," rests elegantly on a pristine white surface. This delectable treat not only satisfies your sweet tooth but also promotes women's reproductive health.
  • A champagne silk eye mask from The Silk Collection on a plain white background.
  • A pearl white, padded silk eye mask from The Silk Collection lying on a plain, light background.
  • A tortoise wide-tooth crescent comb with a white label on it, ideal for hair care and hair therapy by Base Camp Beauty.
  • A bar of Rose Delight sitting on a white surface, perfect for indulging and satisfying your cravings. With its rich taste and smooth texture, this bar of Her Chocolate from Bare Self is not only a delightful treat.
  • A her chocolate salted caramel bar sitting on a white surface. Brand: Bare Self.
  • A simple cloud bubble vase in chalk color from Marmoset Found, hand-cast in ceramic with a spherical shape and a small opening, displayed against a plain white background.
  • A simple round-shaped icy pink Marmoset Found cloud bubble vase with a narrow opening, centered on a white background.

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