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Get ready to capture your memories and indulge your senses with our Picture Perfect Pairing Birthday Curated for You Gift Box! This carefully curated collection is the perfect way to celebrate a special someone's big day.

*your choice of one camera. 

why we love it.

We love this gift box because it combines fun, indulgence, and practicality all in one. The camera is a timeless keepsake that will provide memories for years to come, while the fairy floss and gin and tonic are delightful treats that are perfect for celebrating a special occasion. Plus, everything comes beautifully packaged and ready to gift, making it an easy and thoughtful present for anyone.

why they'll love it.

First up, we have the 35mm Co reusable film camera, perfect for capturing all the special moments of the birthday celebration. With its vintage feel and high-quality lens, this camera is sure to provide beautiful and memorable photos for years to come.

Next, we have Fluffe Birthday Cake Fairy Floss, a sweet and delicious treat that will make any birthday celebration even more magical. This handmade fairy floss is made with premium ingredients.

Last but not least, we have Tread Softly Botanical Dry Gin & Tonic, a refreshing and sophisticated beverage that is perfect for toasting to them. This gin and tonic is made with natural botanicals and has a crisp, clean taste that is sure to delight any gin lover.

What is included...

  • A 35mm mint green reloader® reusable film camera with a mint green strap and box.
  • A cylindrical tea canister with tread softly | botanical dry gin & tonic designs on a white background by Tread Softly.
  • A small bag of Fluffe fairy floss sprinkles on a white surface.