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Gold micro-mesh loose leaf tea infuser.

In good company, treasure a moment of stillness and tranquillity with the Ritualware Tea Infuser featuring a premium gold-plated finish embodying an elevated contemporary style.

Designed with form and function, the universal lid doubles as a drip tray and envelops the added therapeutic properties of steam within each aromatic brew. 

The generous body is architected to nestle into mugs and teapots allowing the contained loose leaf tea to fully expand, harnessing maximum extraction and the perfect aromatic flavour.

Handmade from food-grade stainless steel with precision cut micro-mesh, this flat bottom tea infuser is a worthy consideration for brewing your next cup of milk nourishing hydration.

Embodying a considered design, Mammae is committed to the safety of environmental and mother centred-care, which is why we produce only loose-leaf organic herbal tea paired with its complementary ritualware, rather than single-use teabags.

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Nestle the tea infuser body into your chosen mug or teapot.

Scoop the desired quantity of tea leaves and simply add boiling water.

Allow steeping for your desired aromatic strength.

Please dispose of responsibly and empty the steeped tea leaves into compost or the garden.

Food-grade safe.

Stainless steel 304.

Premium gold PVD coating.


- Gentle hand wash.

- Polish if necessary.

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