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Introducing the Comfort & Chai Curated For You Gift Box - the perfect gift for an indulgent relaxation and me-time experience! We've carefully selected a collection of luxurious items that are sure to soothe and calm your senses, and we can't wait to share them with you.


why we love it.

it's the perfect way to show someone you care about their well-being. Whether they're in need of some self-care or simply love a good cup of chai, this gift box has something for everyone. So why not treat yourself or a loved one to a little bit of luxury and relaxation?

why they'll love it.

First up, we have a brightening sheet face mask that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. This mask is infused with nourishing ingredients to help brighten your complexion, while the cooling sensation provides a calming effect that will help you unwind.

Next, we have a stunning silk eye mask in champagne that will transport you to a world of pure relaxation. Slip this luxurious mask over your eyes, and let the soft, smooth material block out any unwanted light, so you can rest easy and indulge in some much-needed downtime.

To satisfy your sweet tooth, we've included a delectable salted caramel her chocolate that is sure to delight your taste buds. This rich and decadent treat is the perfect accompaniment to a warm cup of tea - which brings us to our next item!

Mayde Tea Organic Chai is a delicious and warming blend of organic spices and tea leaves, perfect for those who love a good cup of chai. This tea is hand-blended using only the finest ingredients, making it a truly indulgent experience.

And finally, to top it all off, we have Mayde Tea Chai Sprinkles - the perfect addition to any cup of tea. These sprinkles are made with organic spices and are perfect for adding an extra kick of flavor to your chai. They're a great way to customize your tea and make it just the way you like it.

What is included...

  • A champagne silk eye mask from The Silk Collection on a plain white background.
  • A Lapcos sheet face mask with the word brightening on it.
  • A glass jar labeled "Mayde Tea Chai Sprinkle with cinnamon and ginger" on a light gray background.
  • A can of Mayde Tea organic chai on a white surface.
  • A her chocolate salted caramel bar sitting on a white surface. Brand: Bare Self.