candlelight journaling.

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 We've carefully selected each item in this box with you in mind, to help you unwind, reflect, and find a moment of peace in your busy day. It's also the perfect gift for a new client or someone who loves journaling because it combines relaxation, organisation, and creativity all in one package.

why we love it.

It's the perfect gift for anyone who loves journaling or could use a little extra relaxation and organisation in their life. It's a thoughtful and practical way to show someone you care, and it's sure to be a gift they'll treasure and use for a long time.

why they'll love it.

The Fazeek Wave Candle creates a calming atmosphere, helping the recipient to unwind and clear their mind before they start journaling. The Emma Kate Co Hardcover Journal and Rollerball Pen are perfect for capturing thoughts, dreams, and reflections, while the Habit Tracker Sticky Notes and To-Do List Sticky Notes help the recipient stay organized and motivated in their daily life.

For a new client, this gift box is a thoughtful way to show that you value their well-being and want to help them start their business relationship on a positive note. Journaling is a great way to manage stress and stay focused, which can be especially important during the early stages of a new business partnership.

For someone who loves journaling, this gift box is a delightful surprise that will elevate their journaling experience to a whole new level. The curated items are of high quality and complement each other perfectly, creating an immersive and enjoyable journaling experience. The recipient will appreciate the thoughtful and practical elements of the gift box, as well as the unique and personalized touch it brings to their journaling routine.

What is included...

  • wave candle | cedarwood & saffron
  • A Fazeek wave candle in the scent of kakadu plum & bush cucumber sitting on a white surface.
  • A white, four-wick wave candle labeled "good things will happen" made of natural soy wax, against a plain, light background. Brand name: Fazeek
  • A white habit tracker sticky note on a white surface, from Emma Kate Co.
  • An Emma Kate Co metal rollerball pen with gold trim sitting on top of a white surface.
  • An Emma Kate Co to do list sticky notes 2 pack on a white surface.
  • Two beige Emma Kate Co hardcover journals on a white surface.