bosom reflections.

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 Breastfeeding affirmation ritual.

Intuitive. Compassionate. Empowered

Reimagine the art of breastfeeding as a whole embodiment practice and discover a renewed sense of calm and ease within the mind-body connection.

Intuitively created to ground mama throughout her breastfeeding ritual, Bosom Reflections invites honesty and vulnerability into her space, encouraging gentle expansion and growth. 

Designed to anchor mama as she slowly emerges into a new realm, this compassionate ritual is an invitation to adapt the mind's fluidity, channelling inner maternal wisdom, strength and empowerment.

Each card is charged to awaken her true potential and authentic self, inviting mama to experience an abundant and joyful breastfeeding season throughout early motherhood and thereafter. 

In reverence of the maternal female form, the textured cotton cards, embossed silhouette, refined gold details and luxury brass vessel draws inspiration from soft curvature and elegant fluidity.

The 31 daily affirmations are thoughtfully designed to be a timeless keepsake and complement the complete ritual experience of Mammae’s signature pieces.

Luxuriate and reacquaint yourself alongside the Bosom Ritual Infusion, Bosom Ritual Elixir, and Ode Form Botanical Mist for a nurturing gift to self or a deserving mama when she needs it most. 

come back to self.

“I am cultivating patience as we learn this new life skill together."

"I slow down and breathe, for this season is golden and magic."


31    Form Reflection Cards

1      Form Illustration Card 

1      Luxe Brass Vessel 


An invitation to awaken abundance and ease.  

Mark the beginning and end of each breastfeeding ritual by cultivating positive change at the subconscious level. Notice the subtle shift towards a sense of calm, love and connection to source. 

Place the cards inside the palms of your hands, turn the deck inward & gently shuffle. 

Tune into breath now, mama and intuitively select your card of intention. 

With your hand draped softly across your heart space, close your eyes and connect with your daily reflection. Whisper your intention aloud in multiplicity until you embody its guided essence. 

Display your chosen card in the artisanally hand-crafted brass vessel.

Position your daily reflection in a prominent space where you will be reminded of its intention throughout your day, cultivating inner harmony between the mind-body connection. 

Rest in the stillness of this tender and precious moment, mama. 

come back to self.

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