a little time for musings.

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Welcome to "A Little Moment for Musings" gift box - a delightful collection of items to inspire creativity and moments of reflection. We've carefully curated this box to encourage them to pause, jot down their thoughts, and indulge in some sweetness.

why we love it.

it's all about encouraging moments of introspection and creativity. We believe that taking a little time to jot down your thoughts and enjoy a sweet treat can make a big difference in their day. Whether you're gifting it to someone special or treating yourself, the "A Little Moment for Musings" gift box is the perfect way to embrace creativity and cherish the little moments in life. So go ahead, help them capture their musings, savor the sweetness, and enjoy the little moments with this delightful gift box. they deserve it!

why they'll love it.

it's a little box of musings and sweetness, thoughtfully designed to inspire and bring joy to their everyday life. It's a reminder to take a moment for themselves, to pause and reflect, and to indulge in a little sweetness along the way.

First up, we have the Marmoset Found Infinity Vase - a stunning piece to display their favorite flowers or greenery, bringing a touch of nature to their space.

Next, we've included the Musings Mini Notebook and Metal Rollerball Pen - the perfect pair for capturing their ideas, dreams, and musings whenever inspiration strikes.

To add a little sweetness to their moments, we've included Fluffe Fairy Floss - a delightful treat to brighten up their day and satisfy their sweet tooth.

What is included...

  • smooth infinity vase | snow
  • smooth infinity vase | nude
  • ribbed infinity vase | cream
  • A small bag of Fluffe fairy floss sprinkles on a white surface.
  • A Fluffe champagne foil packet on a white surface.
  • A pink pouch with the word "Fluffe fairy floss | rose" on it. (Brand Name: Fluffe)
  • A vegan Fluffe gold foil packet with the word fluff on it, offering a salted caramel taste.
  • A Emma Kate Co musings petite notebook with the word love written on it.
  • An Emma Kate Co metal rollerball pen with gold trim sitting on top of a white surface.