savour the moment.

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we've brought together the perfect combination of products to help you or your loved ones take a moment to slow down and savour the present. With a carefully curated selection of items, this gift box is perfect for anyone who needs a little reminder to pause and appreciate life's simple pleasures.

*your choice of one bottle of wine & one candle.


why we love it.

It's simple - it's the ultimate reminder to slow down and appreciate the little things in life. Each product was carefully chosen to provide a unique and enjoyable experience, whether you're sipping on wine, soaking in a bath, or jotting down your thoughts in a beautiful notebook. And why will they love receiving it? Because who doesn't need a little reminder to slow down and savour the present? So go ahead, treat yourself or someone you love to this amazing Savour the Moment curated gift box - they deserve it!

why they'll love it.

First up, we have the Tread Softly 375ml Bottle of Wine - the perfect way to indulge and unwind after a long day. Made with sustainably sourced grapes and minimal intervention winemaking, this wine is a true delight for the senses.

Next, we have the Riverstone Bath Brew - a luxurious bath soak made with natural ingredients to help soothe tired muscles and promote relaxation. Simply add a scoop to your bath and let the rich and fragrant formula do its magic.

And what's a moment of indulgence without a little bit of self-reflection? That's where the Musings Petite Notebook and Rollerball Pen come in. Jot down your thoughts, dreams, and inspirations in this beautiful notebook, and let your creativity flow with the smooth writing experience of the rollerball pen.

And speaking of self-care, the Base Camp Beauty Tortoise Crescent Comb is perfect for detangling and styling your hair while adding a touch of elegance to your daily routine.

And last but not least, we have the Fluffe Champagne Fairy Floss and Black Blaze Column Candle - the perfect combination of sweet and indulgent scents to uplift your mood and help you savour the moment.

What is included...

  • tread softly | pinot noir 375ml
  • tread softly | pinot grigio 375ml
  • A Emma Kate Co musings petite notebook with the word love written on it.
  • An Emma Kate Co metal rollerball pen with gold trim sitting on top of a white surface.
  • bath brew | riverstone
  • crescent comb | tortoise
  • A Fluffe champagne foil packet on a white surface.
  • wide column pillar candle | white
  • A Black Blaze wide column pillar candle with a pink stripe on a white background.
  • wide column pillar candle | honey