Breast Ice & Heat Packs

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Mere Botanicals new Breast Ice & Heat Packs provide support to the new Mamma's breastfeeding journey, offering a soothing warmth and/or cooling relief. Contains two gel packs with BPA and BPS-free, safe, non-toxic gel, and a natural, non-synthetic washable cover. The ergonomic, 360-relief design is pliable when frozen, and can be used with a breast pump for maximum convenience. Reusable and easy to heat and cool, the neutral colour is ideal for wearing under light-coloured clothing and suitable for all breast sizes.


2 x breast ice/heat packs 
2 x natural linen covers 

Ideal for all breast sizes, safe & non-toxic.


Cool the pack by placing it in the freezer (without cover) for at least two hours. To heat, place the pack in the microwave (without cover) for 10-15 seconds. Add five more seconds, in intervals, until the desired temperature is achieved. Cover the pack before placing it on the breast, then remove after a 20-minute application. Clean with mild, soapy water after each use. Wash the covers in a cold wash cycle in the washing machine, but do not tumble dry.

ICE BENEFITS |  Cold therapy to help discomfort of engorgement, blocked ducts and mastitis Helps with reducing puffiness, swelling, and inflammation in the breast area. Perfect for postpartum recovery & those early breast feeding days.

HEAT BENEFITS | Warmth helps to encourage let down of milk, can be used with breast pump. The warmth helps to relax the muscles in the breast while also increasing blood flow and promoting circulation, making it easier to express more milk.

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